The rates of parasitism of Theridion evexum by the parasitoid wasp Zatypota petronae, and Allocyclosa bifurca by Polysphincta gutfreundi, were followed for two years. Parasitism of T. evexum was very low (mean 1.39+1.8%), and restricted to nearly seven months of the year. Parasitism of A. bifurca was higher (mean 7.8+7.6%), and did not show a seasonal pattern. Reproduction of the host spider T. evexum was highly seasonal, with only one, highly coordinated generation per year, while adults of A. bifurca were present year round. Short-term autocorrelation on parasitism rates over time at different sites suggest that P. gutfreundi tend to return to the same sites to hunt hosts over periods of a few weeks.
Keywords: Tasa de parasitismo, parasitoides, avispas koinobiontes, Theridiidae, Araneidae, Ichneumonidae, Parasitism rate, parasitoids, koinobiont wasps