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Illustrated keys to neotropical sphecids (Apoídea:Sphecidae) subfamilies, tribes, and genera


Sphecidae, neotropical, taxonomy, keys, genera, subfamilies.
Sphecidae, neotropical, taxonomy, keys, genera, subfamilies.

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Menke, A. S., & Fernández, F. (2023). Illustrated keys to neotropical sphecids (Apoídea:Sphecidae) subfamilies, tribes, and genera. Revista De Biología Tropical, 44(S2), 1–68. Retrieved from


141 genera of Sphecidae, representing 1,628 species, are known from the Neotropical Region. Illustrated keys to genera, tribes, and subfamilies are presented in Spanish and English. These have been modified and updated from those in Bohart & Menke's 1976 book, Sphecid Wasps of the World. The validity of a few genera recognized by Bohart & Menke is now in question and the keys are annotated to alert users to these problems. A list of neotropical genera and higher taxa is included. Names in the list are appended with significant literature published since 1976. The history and current status of subfamilies are reviewed. Ten subfamilies are recognized. Family characters and bi­ology are summarized. Morphological terms are illustrated and a glossary provided.


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