Cherax quadricarinatus is a large freshwater crayfish species (Parastacidae) native of north-west Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia. The species typically exhibits a gonochoristic sexual system, although in cultured populations various types of intersex individuals have been described as functional males. In the present study, the macroscopic morphology and the gonadal histology of one type of intersex are described and discussed. All intersexes having both pairs of genital openings (female and male openings) and lacking both appendix masculinae and red patches were functional females with normal ovaries and oviducts. From a histological point of view, they did not differ from normal females having previtellogenic and/or vitellogenic ovaries according to size.
Keywords: Cherax quadricarinatus, intersexualidad, intersexos hembras, caracteres sexuales, morfología gonadal, intersexuality, intersex females, sexual characters, gonad morphology