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Jessie Reyes Carmona DDS, MSD, PhD

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New Perspectives Article

Dental Trauma: An inside to Avulsion Teeth

Beatriz Mendes PhD

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Literature Review Articles

Fundamentals of Stereolithography, an Useful Tool for Diagnosis in Dentistry

Ma. del Socorro Islas Ruiz DDS, Miguel Ángel Loyola Frías DDS, Ricardo Martínez Rider DDS, Amaury Pozos Guillén DDS, PhD, Arturo Garrocho Rangel DDS, PhD

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Clinical Case Reports

Infected Radicular Cyst. Review of Basic Concepts and A Clinical Case Report

Diego Rojas Jimenez DDS, Daniela Zamora Arce, Natalia Vargas Monge, Diego Guillén Colombari DDS, MSc

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Original Basic Research Articles

Original Clinical Research Articles

Efficacy of Endodontic Treatment on the Persistence of Selected Endodontic Pathogens and on Radiographical Periapical Healing

Jessie Reyes Carmona DDS, MSD, PhD, Carolina Ballestero DDS, Esp, Erick Hernández DDS. Esp, Tatiana Ramírez DDS, MSD, Marianela Benavides DDS, Esp, Pablo Meneses DDS, Esp, Rodolfo Zeledón DDS, Esp, Sandra Silva MQC, MSc

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