New Perspectives Article

Antimicrobial Resistance: What Should Dentists be Doing?

Mauricio Montero-Aguilar DDS MSc

10-14 |

Literature Review Articles

Class II Angle in prosthetic treatment: Limitations and functional disadvantages

José Chan, Federico Murillo

27-34 |

Clinical Case Reports

Ranula, Surgical Versus Nonsurgical Treatment Alternatives

Diego Rojas Jiménez DDS, Ithsamar Porras Fernández DDS, Daniela Zamora Arce DDS

15-28 |

Black Hairy Tongue. A Case Report

Ana Isabel Villalobos Jiménez DDS, Francisco Jiménez Bolaños DDS

29-33 |

Maxillary Aspergillosis Due to a Dental Implant Placement. A Case Report

Diego Rojas Jiménez DDS, Walter Araya Rojas DDS, Patricia Lorz Ulloa DDS

35-43 |

Lateral Mandibular Incisor Impacted: First Case Report and Literature Review

Patricia Lorz Ulloa DDS, Fabián Castro Fuentes DDS, Luisa Fernanda Mantilla Castro DDS

45-51 |

Segmental Odontomaxillary Dysplasia in a Pediatric Patient: Case Report

Karen Brenes Valverde DDS, Sergio Castro Mora DDS, Joseph Ulate Jiménez DDS

53-60 |

Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Yadira Boza Oreamuno DDS MSc

61-67 |

Root Coverage of Gingival Recession with Acellular Dermal Matrix. A Case Report

Jorge González Quesada DDS MSc

69-75 |

Pyogenic Granuloma on the Lower Lip. Case Report and Literature Review

Yadira V. Boza Oreamuno DDS, MSc, Silvia Ovares Saballos DDS

77-84 |

The Microabrasion Technique with Acrylic Bur. Case Report

Lourdes Feregrino-Vejar DDS, Jaime Fabián Gutiérrez-Rojo DDS, Rafael Rivas-Gutiérrez DDS

85-92 |

Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix for the Treatment of Gingival Recession: Case Report

Jorge González Quesada DDS, MSc

93-100 |

Intralesional Infiltration with Triamcinolone for the Management of Giant Cell Central Granuloma

Jorge Oviedo Quirós DDS, OMFS, MSc, Luis Araya Soto DDS

101-110 |

Unicystic Ameloblastoma: Case Report

Patricia Hernández-Rivera DDS, MAE, Sergio Castro-Mora DDS, Msc, Manuel Jiménez-Araya DDS

111-117 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

Prevalence of Atopy in Dentistry Students

Jorge Oviedo Quirós DDS, OMFS, MSc, Patricia Lorz Ulloa DDS, Ana L. Porras Oviedo DDS

119-128 |