Gray Materials in Dentistry: The Latin America Paradox

Mauricio Montero-Aguilar DDS, MSc

9 |

New Perspectives Article

Dental Pulp Regeneration: Insights from Biological Processes

Cristina Retana-Lobo DDS, MSD

10-16 |

Clinical Case Reports

Peripheral Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma with Uncommon Clinical Presentation: A Case Report

Suresh K. Sachdeva M.D.S., Sakshi Mehta B.D.S., Husain Sabir M.D.S., Purnendu Rout M.D.S.

17-23 |

Multicentric Bone Lesions Due to Parathyroid Disease: A Case Report

Gerardo Gilligan DDS, Lorena Moine DDS, Ruth Ferreyra DDS, PhD, René Panico DDS, PhD

25-32 |

Surgical Management of a Firearm Injury in the Infraorbital Area

Heriberto Medina A. DDS, OMFS, Daniel Sansores E. DDS, Debora González K. DDS, M.P.D., Fabio Arriola P. DDS

33-39 |

Literature Review Articles

Interdisciplinary Approach to Smoking in Dental Practice: Psychological Intervention Techniques Application

Alejandro José Amaíz Flores DDS, Miguel Ángel Flores Barrios MSc

41-56 |

Original Basic Research Articles

Evaluation of Microleakage by Gas Permeability and Marginal Adaptation of MTA and Biodentine™ Apical Plugs: In Vitro Study

Karen Brenes-Valverde DDS, Elian Conejo-Rodríguez PhD, José Roberto Vega-Baudrit PhD, Mauricio Montero-Aguilar MSc, Daniel Chavarría-Bolaños MSc, PhD

57-67 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

Location of the Mental Foramen and Their Accessories in Peruvians Adults

Juana R. Delgadillo Avila DDS, MSc, PhD, Manuel A. Mattos-Vela DDS, MSc, PhD

69-77 |

Identification of the Most Appropriate Site for the Cold Test in Molar Teeth

Brenda E. Castillo-Silva MSc, PhD, Nuria Patiño-Marín MSc, PhD, Gabriel Alejandro Martínez-Castañón MSc, PhD, Carlo E. Medina-Solís DDS, MS, Norma Verónica Zavala Alonso MSc, PhD, Daniel Silva-Herzog DDS, PhD, Mariana Ramírez-Ortíz DDS, MSc, Martha Alicia Laredo-Naranjo DDS, MSc

79-88 |

Evaluation of the Sedative Effect of Midazolam with and Without Ketamine, by Subcutaneous Via in Pediatric Dental Patients

Daniel Trejo-Herbert DDS, Ricardo Martínez-Rider DDS, Javier Lara-Guevara MD, Socorro Ruiz-Rodríguez DDS, MS, Arturo Garrocho-Rangel DDS, PhD, Amaury Pozos-Guillén DDS, PhD, Miguel Rosales-Berber DDS, MS

89-97 |