Psychometric Properties of the Mobile Phone Dependency Test (TDMB) in Argentina and its Relationship with Impulsivity

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Psychoanalytic Contributions to the Understanding of Mental Health Care in Brazil: A Literature Review

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Evolution of the Study on the Effect of Parenting on Prosocial Behaviours in Childhood and Adolescence: Systematic Review

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Quality of Life in Young Adults with ADHD Diagnosed in Adulthood: Systematic Review

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Psychosocial Factors in Workers of an Educational Organization and their Relationship with Psychic Exhaustion

Ana Anaya-Velasco, Estibalis Anaís Luna Chávez, Claudia Saldaña Orozco, M. Ángeles Carrión-García

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Cognitive Training on the Solving of Mathematical Problems: An EEG Study in Young Men

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