An agronomic evaluation of vegetable seedlings under

greenhouse conditions was made at the Fabio Baudrit

Moreno Agricultural Research Station, Alajuela, Costa Rica,

from April 12th to May 7th. The selected vegetables tomato,

cucumber, broccoli and lettuce were established in plastic

containers filled with different growing media. When the

plants achieved transplant conditions, vigor values,

germination, plant development and adobe quality were

evaluated. The substrates that allowed the best tomato,

cucumber and broccoli plant development were Juan Viñas

compost, earthworm castings + Juan Viñas compost + rice

hulk, and Juan Viñas compost + rice hulk. Substrates partially

composted of Gmelina arborea sawdust + soil + rice hulk,

and peat moss + perlite, were good substrates for the lettuce.

The partially composted Gmelina arborea sawdust + coconut

coir + bagasse ashes, Juan Viñas compost + partially

composted Gmelina arborea sawdust + rice hulk; and sugar

cane bagasse + partially composted Gmelina arborea sawdust

+ Juan Viñas compost substrates provided excellent adobe

quality, although plant development lacked vigour. The

substrates fermented soil, coconut coir, commercial substrate

2, and sugar cane bagasse + coconut coir + pumice were the

worst growing media, constraining plant growth.

Keywords: Seedling, vegetables, substrates, agronomic evaluation.