This is a qualitative

study, carried out as a preliminary step before developing an

educational campaign aimed at promoting bean consumption.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of mothers of school

children with regards to beans were determined in the study,

using discussion groups and semi-structured interviews. The

study showed that some of the people’s knowledge, attitudes

and practices with regards to beans are adequate, while others

are inadequate. There is a great deal of variability in people’s

practices, and some of them affect beans’ nutritional value.

Mistaken beliefs and lack of information were also found

among participants, mainly with regards to the nutritive value

and benefits provided by beans. Adequate or positive

knowledge, attitudes and practices favor bean consumption.

On the contrary, those that are inadequate may represent

barriers that limit their consumption. Therefore they might

interfere with the nutritional contribution that this food could

provide to the general population.

Keywords: bean consumption, knowledge, attitudes and practices, alimentary habits, discussion groups.