The results of monitoring the main

educational materials and some interactive activities carried

out during implementation of an educational Campaign to

increase bean consumption are presented in this article. The

study included the follow-up on a recipe book, two different

brochures, and promotional stands located in supermarkets.

The Campaign’s materials and activities were made and

planned taking into account the criteria of the people

participating in the study’s initial assessment. In order to

assess the contribution of the above mentioned materials and

educational activities to the Campaign, opinions about them

were obtained from the target population. This was also

helpful to determine their usefulness for other similar

educational campaigns or programs to be implemented in the

future. The recipe book “De todo con Frijoles” was an

important resource for the Campaign. This material was

widely accepted by all mothers. Monitoring the brochures

made it possible to confirm that mothers highly appreciate

information received as printed educational material, and that

the way such information is illustrated and presented is

important to get people’s interest. Interactive activities are

important in educational campaigns, because they facilitate

direct contact with the population, allow responding

questions that might arise, and help obtain additional

knowledge about people’s perception with regards to the food

being promoted. Following up on these activities made it

possible to introduce the necessary changes as the Campaign

advanced, which helped to meet the objectives.

Keywords: monitoring, follow-up evaluation, educational materials, educational Campaign.