The Study was

conducted at Los Diamantes Experiment Station, located in

Guápiles, Costa Rica. Four planting densities of the spineless

variety “Diamantes 10” (5000, 6666, 10000 and 20000

plants/ha) and two weed management strategies (chemical

and physical) were compared. The parameters evaluated were

plant height, stem diameter, shoot number per plant, palm

heart units harvested, industrial yield and economic income.

Besides, the effect on growth of weed competition was

evaluated. Differences were observed among densities in

regard to plant height and shoot number/plant at the age 9

month safter planting, being higher when planted at 6666

plants/ha). The higher planting densities gave the higher

yields evaluated as number of stems harvested and number of

exportable boxes during the first four months harvesting


Keywords: peach palm, Bactris gasipaes, palm hearts, crop, densities.