Economic indexes for the production and use of

improved corn of quality protein (QPM) in Mexico. To

promote the extensive use of quality protein corns (QPM),

schemes as kg/kg of corn could be an alternative to support its

spreading. The Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales,

Agrícolas y Pecuarias (INIFAP) in coordination with the

CIMMYT, intensified research projects which allowed the

releasing of commercial hybrids and QPM corn varieties.

However, joint to the characteristics of each one of the materials,

it is convenient to analyze the economic implications of the use

of these seeds, based on their conformation as simple hybrids, trilineal,

varietals, open-pollinated varieties, because there is a

potential problem of its productive capacity and quality of

progeny lines; which makes it necessary to analyze the efficiency

of producing hybrid seeds. This work analyzes the impact of the

productivity of each progenitor on the cost of producing mexican

hybrids, based on the minimum productivity level. Also, an

estimate is shown of the prices the farmers are willing to pay for

the improved seed of quality protein varieties.