The objective of this work was to identify the culinary and preservation practices for beans in a population rural (Jesus of Atenas) and an urban (La Union of Tres Rios) of Costa Rica. The study was developed in 2005, in a sample 475 families that prepare and consume beans (223 rural and 252 urban). In each of these homes, the person responsible for food preparation was interviewed and it is the key informant. The soaking beans before cooking was used mostly in the rural area (x2=14.435, p<0,001) and cooking methods employed in this area differ significantly from those used in the urban area (x2=28.535, p<0,001). In the rural area the most used cooking methods were conventional cooking and pressure cooking, but in the urban area the most common method was pressure cooking. The beans preservation methods applied to cooked beans do not different by area, the most common method found was refrigeration (x2=3.722, p=0.293).
Keywords: food preservation, rural, urban, culinary practices