Toxicity of banana suckers by promisory herbicides for the control of Dieffenbachia oerstedii. Potential toxicity on banana sword suckers of next treatments was evaluatedbetween August and December of 2006: T1) absolute check, T2) Carfentrazone + surfactant; T3) Glyphosate +surfactant; T4) Glyphosate + carfentrazone + surfactant;T5) Glyphosate + ammonium sulphate + surfactatant; T6) metsulfuron metyl + carfentrazone + surfactant. A complete randomized design was used, with 20 replications for each treatment, for a total of 120 bananas suckers. The treatment with Metsulfuron methyl + carfentrazone + surfactantaffected growth of some suckers and caused death of a few of them. Glyphosate + carfentrazone + surfactant did not differ from the absolute check. The potential of thetreatment with Glyphosate + carfentrazone for Dieffenbachia oerstedii control in commercial fields of banana plantationsis confirmed, because it provides acceptable wweed control and no damage of young banana suckers.
Keywords: Productive suckers, sainillo, carfentrazone, glyphosate, metsulfuron metyl.