With the goal of determining the most efficient food bait for augmenting the capacity to capture adults of some species of fruit flies and also to find an alternative to hidrolized protein, this research project took place in “Finca Maravi”, in Planes de Renderos, Department of San Salvador, a 930 msnm. The design which was used was the one with randomly located blocks with five treatments and four repetitions. The McPhail glass trap was utilized. The efficiency of treatments was determined by the amount of captured flies, by trap, by day (F.T.D). The analyses indicated significantdifferences among them, but it was observed that orange juice is the most efficient food bait, capturing an average of six times more fruit flies than hidrolized protein. Urea with molasses also rendered high capture yields, statistically equal to those of hidrolized protein. The results which were obtained, indicated that food bait could play an important role in the integrated management of fruit flies.