The efficiency of bait to attract fruit flies in El Salvador.

Muriel Delmi, Salvador Morán, Fernando Núñez, Gilberto Granados

13-22 |

A study of the consumer’s acceptance of two promising strains of bean in Nicaragua.

Roberto Munguía, Marcos Soleto, Abelardo Viana

31-36 |

Characterization of four bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties by physical and nutritional qualities. I. Methodological aspects.

Carmen Jacinto-Hernández, Guillermo Carrillo-Castañeda, Albino Campos-Escuerdo

37-41 |

Preliminary study of yields in uniform lines of rice.

Wilfredo Castañeda, Luis Guerrero

58-62 |

Technical Notes

Prediction of live weight in bovine cattle from body measures.

Napoleón Mejía, Claudia Velázquez, Assefaw Tewolde

73-76 |

Salinity studies in the Guanacaste province (Costa Rica) an characterization of some soils under saline influence.

Paulina Montes de Oca, Rafael Mata, Marco A. Chaves

77-83 |

Evaluation of no-till system in the cultivation of soybean in Veracruz.

Santos Campos, Jesús Uresti, Martín Cadena, Sergio Jácome, Ernesto López

84-87 |

Forraging potentials for hybrids of maize (Zea mays L.) in the Lagoon Región.

Jesús Arreola, Cristina Vega, Enrique Navarro, Gustavo Burciaga

88-92 |

Heterosis and combinatory aptitudes for yielding and forage quality in maize populations.

Luis Latournerie, Sergio Rodríguez, Humberto de León, Emilio Padrón

93-97 |

Analyzes and Comments

Bean production in Cuba: present situation and inmediate perspective.

Marisa Chailloux, Germán Hernández, Benito Faure, Roberto Caballero

98-107 |