In order to evaluate the effect of transplanting greenhouse-grown seedlings witha ball of soil in three cell sizes: 1) PG: big (70 cm3); 2) PM:medium (30 cm3) and 3) PCH: small (20 cm3) and three densities: 35 714 (D1); 23 810 (D2) and 17 857 (D3) pl/ha.The trial was carried out on the experimental unit of the Facultad de Agronomia in Azul, province of Buenos Aires. Field planting was done in November 2002, 70 days after the sowing of the nursery bed with seedlings with ball of soi. Harvest was carried out from 25/09 to 18/10, in the fourth year since planting with a harvesting frequency of every other day. An analysis of variance was performed with a completely randomized design, and considering the seedling size and the three densities as factors. The best density in the second year of evaluation was D1 (4450 kg/ha net totals and 380 166 turions). The plants from the two bigger cell sizes produced 4 t/ha, on average. Sowing trays G and D1 were more appropriate for the production of asparagus since they corresponded to the greatest yield in weight and number, and a better root system, essential in a perennial crop
Keywords: Seedbed, density of sowing, calibers of turions, Asparagus officinalis L.