The objective of this
study was to assess the thematic and sources of the publications
in the Me soamerican Journal of Agronomy during the
period 1990-2010. Mesoamerican Journal of Agronomy
was created as a publication of the Ce ntral American
Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and
Livestock (PCCMCA ). From 1990 to date, 629 pape rs have
been published, of which 63% are scientific articles, 26% are
technical notes, 8% are analyses and commentarie s, while
technical information and literature reviews are 2% each.
Costa Rica and Me xico are the countrie s with the largest
number of published pape rs, with 37 and 32% respectively,
followed by El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Cuba.
The principa l topics have been corn (24%) and beans (21%),
forages (7%), and dairy cattle (4%), while rice, sorghum,
weeds and pea ch palm reached 3% each. In 2010, the journal
rejected 20% of all pape rs submitted for publication. We
highlight the distribution of the printed journal to librarie s
and documentation centers in thirty countrie s around the
world, mainly the continents of America, Europa, Asia and
some Caribbean islands.
Keywords: PCCMCA, agricultural journal, publication, Mesoamerican countries, scientific research.