Biomass of the crustacean Artemia sp. has multiple uses. The biochemical composition and biomass production of Artemia grown from cysts produced by a native population from Real de Salinas were evaluated under laboratory conditions. Nauplii (instar I) were stocked at density of 10 nauplii/ml in 1.5 l tanks, fed with rice bran from day 2 to day 6, and with the microalgae Tetraselmis suecica from day 7 to day 15. At the end of the trial (day 15) the average length was 5.34 mm, biomass production was 15.72 g/l (wet weight), and survival was 79%. The proximal analysis and biochemical composition of Artemia biomass indicated that its nutrient percentages are closely similar to Artemia from other regions, making this species a suitable food for cultured fish and crustacean.
Keywords: artemia, biomass production, biochemical composition, brine shrimp, culture, Mexico