The development of the sexual phase of six Mexican species of Dryopteris is described and compared. Spores of all studied species are monolete, ellipsoid and have a rugose surface; the perine is folded, brown to dark brown, with a tubercled outline. Germination pattern is of the Vittaria-type and the development pattern of the prothallia is of the Aspidium-type. Gametangia are of the common type for the leptosporangiate advanced ferns. First leaves of the sporophytes appear 258-265 after sowing and apparently in Dryopteris pseudo-filix- mas the sporophyte have an apogamic origin (80 days). To make a comparative analysis of gametophytic characteristics in the twelve Mexican species and conclude of germination is of the Vittaria-type and development pattern prothallial is of the Aspidium-type, and unicelular trichomes on margin and superficial gametophytic to yield irregular aspect are characteristics to yield unit and characteristic to genera to conform Dryopteridaceae family (sensu Moran 1995) with the exception of Didymochlaena genus.
Keywords: apogamy, dryopteris, dryopteridaceae, gametophytes, Mexico, morphogenesis, prothallus, pteridophyta