The development of the gametophytes of Lygodium heterodoxum Kunze and Lygodium venustum Sw. is described on the basis of spores collected in the States of Veracruz and Sinaloa, México. The germination of the spores is of the Vittaria-type or Lygodium-type. Prothallial development is of the Adiantum-type with transition to Ceratopteris-type. The gametangia are the usual for leptosporangiate ferns. The first leaf of the sporophyte appeared 85 days after spore sowing; it is digitate-flabelliform, with unicellular club shaped trichomes in margin and both surfaces, and the stomata anomocytic. Unisexual gametophytes (only with antheridia or archegonia) were found in the cultures, so the presence of hormonal substances with “antheridogenic effects” is suggested
Keywords: gametophyte, germination, lygodium, México, morphology, prothallus, schizaeaceae