The results of 182 genetic amniocenteses between 14 and 37 weeks gestation, frorn 1986 to 1992,.and of two cordocenteses in 1992, are reported. There were two main reasons for referral: maternal age 3S years and older and abnormal ultrasound assessment. Fetal cells were closed cultured and mass harvested. In 3.7% of cases fetal chrornosornes were defective. Tum around time was about three weeks up to and including 1991 arid two weeks in 1992, culture failure rate was 7% that year. No cytogenetic rnisdiagnosis and no cornplicatiOri or sequelae related to the amniocenteses were detected. We conclude this is a safe and reliable procedure to obtain fetal karyotypes and to irnprove obstetric managernent of high-risk pregnancies.
Keywords: amniocenteses, prenatal diagnosis, fetal chrornosornes, karyotype, pregnancy