Introduction: The family Naucoridae, of worldwide distribution, is divided into five subfamilies, with four of them and six genera reported to date in Central America. The genus Interocoris (Laccocorinae) is monotypic and was only recorded from Mexico. Objective: To report the first confirmed record of Interocoris mexicanus from Costa Rica and Central America, and to provide complementary descriptions of adults and nymphal instar V and associated microhabitat. Methods: a comparison of the external morphology (measurements and proportions) was made of specimens collected from two localities in Costa Rica with the type material of I. mexicanus from Mexico. Results: a positive identification of the species was obtained from the morphological comparison, which is why it is reported for the first time from Costa Rica and Central America. The specimens collected generally coincided with the measurements and relationships of the type material of I. mexicanus, with slight differences, some of them even reported for the specimens of the type series in the original description. Complementary descriptions of adults are presented and the morphology of nymph V is described for the first time. Conclusions: with this new record, the range of the genus Interocoris as well as the species I. mexicanus is expanded significantly from Mexico to Costa Rica. In addition, the reported number of genera of Naucoridae is increased to six in Costa Rica and to seven in the Central American region.

Keywords: Laccocorinae; diversity; range expansion; Neotropics; aquatic insects.