1-13 |


Development of a protocol for sampling and analysis of ballast water in Jamaica

Achsah A. Mitchell, Mona K. Webber, Dayne Buddo, Dale Webber

249-257 |

The planktonic communities of the Jamaican south-east coast; a comparison of harbor, shelf and oceanic areas

Hugh Small, Kristoffer Lue, Dale Webber, Mona Webber

259-272 |

Marine Protected Area monitoring in the nearshore waters of Grenada, Eastern Caribbean: benthic cover and fish populations

Robert Anderson, Clare Morrall, Jonathan Jossar, Steve Nimrod, Emily Bolda, Katie Musser, Craig Berg, Robert Balza

273-286 |

The results of long term coral reef monitoring at three locations in Jamaica: Monkey Island, “Gorgo City” and Southeast Cay

Marcia Creary Ford, Loureene Jones Smith, Sean O. Green

65-73 |

Rapid reassessment of the eutrophication status of Kingston Harbour, Jamaica using the zooplankton community

Patrice A. Francis, Stacey A. Maxam, Mona K. Webber

231-239 |

Assessing the phytoplankton and water quality of Kingston Harbour and Hellshire coast, Jamaica, after the implementation of a waste water treatment facility

Helen A. Liu, Sheree A. Broomfield, Anya F. Duncan, Leon O. Grant, Patrice A. Francis, Dale F. Webber, Mona K. Webber

241-248 |


Sulfate reducing bacteria as secondary and necessary pathogens in black band disease of corals

Abigael C. Brownell, Laurie L. Richardson

1-9 |

Large-scale coral recruitment patterns on Mona Island, Puerto Rico: evidence of a transitional community trajectory after massive coral bleaching and mortality

Edwin A. Hernández-Delgado, Carmen M. González-Ramos, Pedro Alejandro Camis

49-64 |

Coral and algal community primary succession on new vertical substrate at Rackham’s Cay, Port Royal, Jamaica

Camilo Trench, Hugh Small, Lydia Morrison, Dale Webber, Mona Webber

107-114 |

Structure of the coral and octocoral communities of Isla de Aves, Venezuela, Northeast Caribbean

A. Yranzo, E. Villamizar, M. Romero, H. Boadas

115-136 |

Bomb-cratered coral reefs in Puerto Rico, the untold story about a novel habitat: from reef destruction to community-based ecological rehabilitation

Edwin A. Hernández-Delgado, Alfredo Montañez Acuña, Abimare Otaño-Cruz, Samuel E. Suleiman-Ramos

183-200 |

Variation of gonadal cycle of the american oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Ostreoida: Ostreidae) as a function of height in Tamiahua Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico

Luis Alfonso Ascencio A., Martha Enriquez D., Imelda Martínez M., Dalila Aldana

201-206 |

Is the Queen conch Strombus gigas (Mesogastropoda: Strombidae) a species with Allee effect?

Dalila Aldana Aranda, Jose Francisco Chávez Villegas, Manuel Sánchez Crespo

207-213 |

Abundance and larval diversity of gastropods in the Mexican Caribbean in relation with temperature, salinity and dissolve oxygen

Jose Francisco Chávez Villegas, Martha Enriquez Díaz, Dalila Aldana Aranda

223-230 |