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Odovtos – International Journal of Dental Sciences  (Odovtos-Int J Dent Sc) is the official scientific publication of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Costa Rica.  The main objective of this peer-reviewed journal is to disseminate original and transcendental knowledge in the field of dentistry and its specialties.

  Odovtos-Int J Dent Sc primary readership consists of dentists, dental educators, academics, dental students, researchers, health professionals and general public interested in expanding their knowledge in the area.

  Our journal consider unpublished and original manuscripts with a prominent focus on critical and innovative data, promoting major clinical, academic and scientific research, based on International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommendations. Odovtos - Int J Dent Sc offers Online-First publication, allowing frequent dissemination of its content. 




Odovtos – International Journal of Dental Sciences compromises to disseminate their contents worldwide, through collaborations with several Dental Schools, online databases, index and repositories, website, social media, among others. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed based solely on the criteria of quality, innovation and pertinence. The pre-publication process is brief due to online submission. Moreover, Odovtos-Int. J. Dent. Sc. is an Online-First Journal, which allows frequent publication in Internet according to Open Access Initiative, favoring the diffusion of its content.

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Important announcement to our authors, editors, readers and peer reviewers

Important announcement to our authors, editors, readers and peer reviewers

In these unprecedented times we want to reassure our authors, editors, peer reviewers and readers that our handling of current submitted academic research articles continues without disruption. However, due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and current indications of Costa Rican Ministry of Public Health and University of Costa Rica our editorial staff will work remotely, with the disruption that this represents. Thus, we are communicating that the submission of new articles will be open until May 1 of the current year.

We appreciate all the support received,

ODOVTOS- Int. J. Dent. Sc.



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Lingual Focal Hyperplastic Lesion in a Pediatric Patient: Report of an Unusual Case

Herrera B. D., Flores V. J., Tejeda N. F., Fierro S. V., Pozos G. A., Garrocho R. A.

Intervention for Multiple Supernumerary Premolars in a Teenager: Case Report

López-Santacruz H., Garrigós-Esparza L., Fierro-Serna V., Rosales-Berber M.

Gingival Health Related to Intake of Different Types of Foods and Body Mass Index in 12-year-old Schoolchildren

Ramírez DDS, MSc, PhD K., Gómez-Fernández DDS,MAG A., Rojas M., Rojas-Guzmán R., Solano-Sanabria M., Villalobos-Méndez C., Gómez MSc G.

Detection of Oral Entamoeba Gingivalis and Trichomonas Tenax in Adult Quilombola Population with Periodontal Disease

Alves Araújo Rosa MsC J., dos Santos Fernandez M., Soares Vieira PhD I., Riscala Madi PhD R., Moura de Melo PhD C., Costa da Cunha Oliveira DDS, PhD C.

Dental Findings in Kabuki Syndrome: A Systematic Review for Dentistry

Barbosa-Lima DDS R., Lopes DDS A., de Moura DDS J., Ribeiro DDS S., Cardoso MD M.

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