The main objective was to inquire the levels of aggressiveness and impulsivity in Police Cadets of the San Luis, Argentina. The sample was intentional, not probabilistic, and consisted of 58 students (39 males and 19 females) attending the second and third year of a training institute. Two instruments were administered: The Aggressiveness Questionnaire (AQ) (Andreu-Rodríguez, Peña-Fernández & Graña-Gómez, 2002) and the Barratt Impulsivity Scale (BIS-11) (Oquendo et al., 2001). The main conclusions make refer to high levels of Physical Aggression and Cognitive Impulsiveness. Women showed high scores on the Hostility sub-scale, while men had higher levels of Physical Aggression; the students of the last year of training exhibited elevated levels of Motor Impulsiveness, Verbal Aggression and Wrath. Finally, positive associations between the variables of Impulsivity and Aggressiveness to were corroborated.

Keywords: Police cadets, aggressiveness, impulsiveness