Predictors of Professional Identity in Psychology Students: a Path Analysis Study

David J. Cuadra-Martínez, Daniel I. Pérez-Zapata, José S. Sandoval-Díaz, Jorge Valdivia-Díaz, Carla Palma-Flores, Diego J. Mora-Dabancens

1-19 |

Psychometric Evidence of Factorial Structure of Ambivalent Sexism in Brazilian Psychologists

Icaro Bonamigo Gaspodini, Nilton Soares Formiga, Denise Falcke

21-36 |

Questionnaire of Emotions and Beliefs Regarding Diet and Weight (CECAP)

Cecilia Silva, Karla Edith González Alcántara

37-48 |

Animal Model of Sexual Motivation and Arousal: Effects of Alcohol

Miguel Angel Guevara, Koral Elizabeth Rivera-Sánchez, Marisela Hernández-González, Enrique Hernández-Arteaga, Mayra Liliana Ramírez-Rentería, Carolina Sotelo-Tapia

49-62 |

Stereotypes About the Elderly Adult Population in Three Age Groups of Carers of Dependent Elderly People

Daysy Katherine Pabón Poches, Angie Lorena Flórez García, Lina Marcela Sanabria Vera

63-80 |

Internal Structure of a Scale of Helplessness for young people in northern Mexico

Jose Gonzalez Tovar, Rosa Isabel Garza Sánchez, Alicia Hernández Montaño

81-95 |

Towards a Healthy Aging: A Systematic Review about Music and Physical Exercise as Modulating Factors

Veronika Diaz Abrahan, Maximiliano Bossio, Nadia Justel

113-141 |