Impulsiveness and Aggressiveness in Police Cadets

Horacio Daniel Garcia


Racial quotas: a study about university student’s and non-university’s social representations

Elza Maria Techio, Andreza Silene Silva Ferreira, Hyalle Abreu, Ana Raquel Rosas Torres


Differences between men and women regarding psychological meaning of sexual socialization practices among siblings

David Javier Enríquez Negrete, Ricardo Sánchez Medina, Blanca Delia Arias García, Silvia Susana Robles Montijo


Psychometric Conditions of the Stressful Life Events Scale Used on Colombian Population

Constanza Londoño Perez, Marcela Velasco Salamanca, Carlos Pardo Adames, Marcela Patricia Escobar Martínez, Yeimy Yelitce Quintero Pulido, Luisa Fernanda Reyes Pareja

83-96 |

The Role of Parental Attachment and Emotional Regulation on Schematic Investment in Appearance in Young Adults

Patrícia da Costa Claro, Catarina Pinheiro Mota

97-116 |

Predictors of Acute Posttraumatic Symptoms and Post-Stress Growth After a Recent Work Accident

Felipe E. García, Francisca Miranda Hermosilla

117-135 |