Actualidades en Psicología ISSN Impreso: 0258-6444 ISSN electrónico: 2215-3535

Vol. 34 No. 129 (2020): Actualidades en Psicología (Current Trends in Psychology) July - December
Actualidades en Psicología (Current Trends in Psychology) July - December


Marina Ferroni
Impact of Mental Lexicon on Reading Comprehension in Children Growing up in Poverty
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Ismael Gaibor-González, Rodrigo Moreta-Herrera, Sr.
Dispositional Optimism, Anxiety, Depression and Stress in a Sample of Ecuador. Inter-gender and Prediction Analysis
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Ana Amábile Gabrielle Rodrigues Leite, Ludgleydson Fernandes de Araújo, Fauston Negreiros
Teachers’ Social Representations of Learning Shared by Private School: a Comparative Study
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Roy David González Sancho, Maikol Picado Cortés
A Systematic Literature Review on Suicide: Risk and Protection Factors in Latin American Youth 1995-2017
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Marta Martínez-Vicente, Carlos Valiente-Barroso
Personal Adjustment and Disruptive Behaviors in Primary School Students
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Ma. Celeste Labaronnie, Maximiliano Azcona
Methodological Aspects of Dream Intervention Modes Referred to in Pass Testimonies from Lacanian Schools Affiliated with the WAP and the SPFLF
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Eva Magdalena García-Hernández, San Juana López-Guevara, Luz Elena Cano-Fajardo, Maribel Avila-Medina, Tirso Duran-Badillo, Delia Ponce-Martínez
Differences in Anxiety and Depression by Contextual Variables in Women with Breast Cancer
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Fernanda Martins de Souza, Milena Carolina Fiorini, Maria Aparecida Crepaldi
Coparentality and Parental Involvement in Binuclear Families: Systematic Literature Review
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