Nematode counts

were made each trimester during the first year of plant

development in soils and roots of four varieties of peach palm.

Three of those varieties were spineless (Diamante-1, 10 and

20) and one had spines (Utilis-Tucurrique). The study was

carried out in Guápiles, Costa Rica. The population densities

of nematodes found in roots and soil were low and were not

considered of economic importance, but they had a wide

distribution. The following species were found in the roots:

Helicontylenchus spp was the most common, present in 100%

of the plants in Diamantes -1 and Diamantes-20; 90% in

Diamantes-10 and 85% in Utilis–Tucurrique. Tylenchus sp.,

Pratylenchus ssp., Criconemella spp. and Boleodorus sp. were

also found in still lower densities. In soil samples those species

were also found plus Ditylenchus sp. and Meloidogine sp.