This experiment was conducted at

the Alfredo Volio Mata Dairy Cattle Experiment Station in

Costa Rica, located at 1542 meters above sea level with an

average annual rainfall of 2050 mm, temperature of 19,5 ºC

and a relative humidity of 84%. The purpose of the experiment

was to determine the nutritional quality of the ramie

plant harvested at different frequencies. Four harvesting frequencies

were used: 42, 56, 70 and 84 days. Dry matter, crude

protein, neutral detergent fiber and ashes were analyzed

for different parts of the plant. There were significant differences

(P<0.05) in the chemical composition of the plant

components. When comparing dry matter content in leaves

between cutting intervals of 42 and 84 days, an increment of

34% was observed. Crude protein content in leaves was

above to 16,5%. Neutral detergent fiber was always higher in

stems than in leaves.