The experiment was conducted at the Alfredo Volio
Mata Experiment Station of the University of Costa Rica,
located at an altitude of 1542 masl, with an average annual
rainfall of 2050 mm. The purpose was to determine total
forage mass of two corn cultivars: hybrid and native,
evaluated at the same age and in similar physiological stage.
The study determined, in both cultivars, that dry matter yield
(kg/ha) reflected an increase when the distance between
plants was reduced. Cultivar rebounded notably on total
forage mass production. Dry matter yield (kg/ha) was 30%
higher in the native that in the hybrid when compared at the
same age. Both cultivars were compared in similar
physiological stage, dry matter yield (kg/ha) was 37% higher
in native corn. The height average of the plants was 1,7
meters higher in native that in hybrid. No significant
differences were found for dry and fresh matter on native
corn at 105 and 133 days of growth.