The aim of this study was to collect research advances on agronomic, nutritional and productive aspects of T. diversifolia Hemsl. A Gray in silvopastoral systems (SSP) as a strategy for livestock production and meet methodologies to estimate forage intake of cows under SSP. The introduction of silvopastoral systems provides a layered vegetation and generate various goods, environmental services and animal welfare from the point of becoming productive, ecological, economic and social in one of the most promising ways of agroforestry systems view. In this review a description of T. diversifolia Hemsl shrubby was performed. A Gray, as a strategic species to be introduced in silvopastoral systems of low or high density, because of its compositional quality that has been reported as a shrub with potential for use in ruminant nutrition, having a possible positive effect on productive and economic indices. Also, three techniques used to estimate forage intake by grazing cattle, which can be applied in both traditional systems and silvopastoral systems were discussed. 

Keywords: sustainable production, biomass production, method of indicators, method of grazing behavior.