The following article presents a sketch about Venezuelan system health of the 20th century and the changes that are being gestated from the approval of the Constitution of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of 1999. The historic evolution of system health suggests the study of the politics of state that historically have imposed an administrative model with bureaucratic characteristics (Waiitzkin, 1981), clipping the common participation in the system of health. The associate-political influence has favoured a growing deterioration of system health, becoming an exclusive and deficient system. Since the execution of the letter of the constitution, the State has generated forms of organization that lead to the common participation in competent matters to the area of the health (CRBV, 1999). To achieve the synergy among the community, the institutions and the politics of health is done urgent to design a model of common participation, from the experience of the committees of health that serve of support for fortify this dynamics. The work of the committees of health will prompt the system of Venezuelan health that is found in phase of transformation. A review of documentary type was carried out working as epistemological paradigm the dialectical materialism (Marx, 1973).
Keywords: community participation, community organizations.