In El Salvador, by the year 2003, population classified like in fertile age represents a little more than third part of these range. The health indicators reflect a situation that demands concrete attention and actions towards the necessities of the reproductive health of the salvadorian adolescents. According to the National Survey of familiar health made in 1998, 48,8% of the women with less than 24 years have had sexual experience, of them, less of 10% used some contraceptive method in his first sexual relation and 42% have had at least a pregnancy before the 24 years. Since the problems of sexual and reproductive health in adolescents were classified like high-priority subject of attention, the promotion of their health must constitute one of the main objectives of any project of development, as much at local level as national. In this article appears some numbers and reflections about the situation referring to the sexual and reproductive health of the Salvadoran adolescents between fiftheen and twenty four years old and some actions that are made on the matter. One considers a model of attention for adolescents implemented in the country and the main implications and challenges that even all we are doing have to do to take care of the situation.