This study shows the results of evaluating the possibilities of change, levels of violence integrated to the HIV/Aids situation. Vulnerability to HIV is a term that refers to the conditions that a person may have in his/her life that do not allow the same lead right attitudes based on a wealth of knowledge deemed appropriate as well. Thus, there is a need for People Deprived from Freedom (PPL, for its initials in Spanish) to have adequate tools to achieve their individual goals, as well as to reduce their vulnerability status towards the HIV epidemic. The investigation was conducted with PPL of the Criminal Center Ciudad Barrios in San Miguel, El Salvador. We conducted a survey of 175 interns which took into account variables such as age, times they have been prosecuted in a criminal center (recidivism), levels of violence, knowledge and right attitudes towards HIV/Aids. The results suggest that the majority of the population is young and are in their first judicial process as adults. The majority show affinity to join a labor sector as a way to generate their own income. Most of the surveyed population, shows that throughout their life have developed high levels of violence, and a great need for correct knowledge of HIV, which is demonstrated by the high rates of absence of good practices to the epidemic-there is not a good use of condoms, a phenomenon that reflects not be aware of the situation.
Keywords: Opportunities for change, persons deprived of their liberty, violence, vulnerability to HIV / Aids.