Rolando Pérez




Eiliana Montero, Guaner Rojas

IX |


Analysis of a Writing Test with the MFRM Model

Gerardo Prieto Adánez

1-17 |

Alternatives to Randomized Control Trials: A Review of Three Quasi-experimental Designs for Causal Inference

Pavel Panko, Jacob Curtis, Brittany Gorrall, Todd Little

19-27 |

Do not Be Afraid of Missing Data: Modern Approaches to Handle Missing Information

Esteban Montenegro-Montenegro, Youngha Oh, Steven Chesnut

29-42 |

Latent Variable Models, Cognitive Modelling, and Working Memory: a Meeting Point

Odir Antonio Rodríguez-Villagra

43-62 |

The Item Response Theory Mixture Models

Armel Brizuela

79-90 |

Rasch Models: How (In-)Coherently are they Showed and Used?

Ernesto Javier San Martin Gutiérrez

91-102 |

Bifactorial structure of Locus of Control cross-culturally invariant across Spain, Chile and United Kingdom

Javier Suárez-Álvarez, Eduardo García-Cueto, Ignacio Pedrosa, José Muñiz

103-113 |

Effects of a Training Program on the Scores from the Admission Test at the University of Costa Rica: a Bayesian Approximation

Eiliana Montero Rojas, Guaner Rojas-Rojas, Miguel Negrín-Hernández, Susan Francis-Salazar

115-130 |

Gender Invariance of the Screening Scale for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (EDTAG)

Fabiola Gonzalez-Betanzos, María Elena Rivera-Heredia, Ferrán Padrós-Blázquez

141-151 |



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