Training of Volunteers in Psychological First Aid and Coping Strategies

Luciana Becerra, Vera Bail Pupko, Pablo Depaula, Susana Azzollini

1-18 |

General Quality of Life, Depression, and Anxiety: Differences According to Asthma Control

Cintia Tamara Sánchez Cervantes, Centli Guillén-Díaz-Barriga, Violeta Alejandra Mendoza Madrigal

35-50 |

Subjective Theories on Parental Discipline: A Perspective of Social Workers and Psychologists

Francisco Herrera-Durán, Pablo J. Castro-Carrasco

53-70 |

What Motivates You to Exercise? Phenomenology of Long-Term Physical Activity Practice

Maria Eugenia Tavernier Morga, Bernardo Turnbull Plaza, Félix Guillén

71-86 |

The Relationship Between the Big Five Personality Factors and the Intention of Corruption

João Gabriel Modesto, Karine Pereira, Rafaella Carvalho

87-101 |

Construction and Validation of Attraction for Morbid Events Multifactor Scale

Lia Wagner Plutarco, Marília Mendes Moreira de Sousa, Walberto Silva dos Santos, Sophia Lóren de Holanda Sousa, Matheus Gomes Lins Alves

103-118 |