The experiment

was conducted at the Experimental Station “Alfredo Volio

Mata” of the University of Costa Rica during the rainy season

(May to November) of 2004, with the purpose of obtaining

comparative nutritional parameters of fifteen lines of forage

sorghum. The materials used were 13 lines of Sorghum

bicolor supplied by the International Center for Tropical

Agriculture (CIAT), and 2 lines of Sorghum almum. Yield

production, bromatologic composition and ruminal

degradability of these lines were measured. The following

results were obtained: CIAT 638 showed the highest dry

mater production but the lowest crude protein levels; the

materials CIAT 613 and CIAT 645 showed the highest

degradation rate, while the lines ATENAS, CIAT 897, CIAT

638 y UCR-EEAVM showed the highest crude protein levels

and good digestibility of the dry matter.

Keywords: Forages, animal nutrition, ruminal degradability, Sorghum sp., pastures.