Twenty S5 sweet corn lines containing the opaque-2 gene that increases Iysine  contents as well as the sugary-2 gene were evaluated. The lines were crossed with three testers: one unrelated inbred line, and two related synthetic varieties. Six commercial and three experimental hybrids were used during the trials. Test crosses were evaluated in two locations of Mexico during 1994 using a randomized complete block designo The experiment's goal was to compare lines' performance in combination with three testers, taking into account yield, soundness, uniformity, and corn quality. The average response of lines combined with testers was superior than that of commercial hybrids for traits such as flowering time and plant and ear height. Performance factors analyzed (ear length, grain color, uniformity, soundness, and number of marketable ears) in trial crosses were superior or equal in average to those in experimental hybrids, but this was not the case with sugar percentage. The best results were observed with the unrelated LD tester inbred line for agronomic traits and performance factors. This study made possible the selection of lines for future breeding based on the above mentioned traits, as well as the general combining ability for ear length and number of green flag leaves.