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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • I. General Instructions
    • Manuscript is assembled in this order: 1) title, authors and affiliations; 2) abstract, key words and running title page; 3) text; 4) acknowledgments; 5) literature cited; 6) tables; 7) appendices; 8) figure legends: 9) figures as separate files.
    • The English has been checked carefully for correct language use. Either British or American English spelling is used consistently.
    • The manuscript follows the latest International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants.
    • Author(s) comply with national and international legislations concerning collecting permits for wild specimens, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
  • II. Title Page
    • The title is in upper- and lower-case letters. Below the title, author names are on one line, in upper- and lower-case letters, and in the following order: given name, initials of other names, surname.
    • The abstract begins on a new page, and is one paragraph, with no references or abbreviations.
    • You have provided up to 6 keywords in alphabetical order. A Running title is given below the keywords, on one line, flush left, in upper and lower case letters. The running title includes the author(s) and a short title.
  • III. Text
    • All figures and tables are cited in the text and are in numerical order.
    • Each reference cited in the text is in the Literature Cited section, and vice versa.
    • Literature is cited consistently and follows the journal’s guidelines.
    • Authors of all names at the rank of genus or below are cited at first mention in the text.
    • Scientific names are italicized at the generic level or below.
    • You have not used footnotes.
  • IV. Literature Cited
    • There are spaces between the initials of an author’s name.
    • Journal names are not abbreviated.
    • Titles of books are written in lowercase except for the first word.
    • Journal names and book titles are italicized.
    • Scientific names in the title of articles and books are italicized.
    • Please refer to the 6th Edition of APA Formatting and Style Guide for more examples of cited literature.
  • V. Tables
    •Each table starts on a separate page.
  • VI. Figure Legends
    • They are on a new page.
    • All figures are in a single sequence, consecutively numbered (Arabic numerals). Tables are in a separate, consecutively numbered sequence.
    • The specimen on which the illustrations are based are noted.
    • The author of the illustration is credited in the figure legend.
  • VII. Preparation of Illustrations
    • Illustrations have been submitted digitally as TIF files or high-quality (at least 7) JPEG files. Photographs should
    be scanned at a resolution of 600 dpi; line art, 300 dpi.
    • Parts of a plate are labeled A, B, C, etc.
    • All original artwork from which digital illustrations are derived is signed.
    • Photographs and line art have not been combined.
  • VIII. Conditions for Publications
    • This manuscript is an original contribution, which is not copyrighted.
    • Has not been previously published.
    • Is not considered for publication in another journal.
    • Has not been rejected in another journal. If it has been rejected see: Checklist for Preparation of Manuscripts and Illustrations
  • Checklist for Preparation of Manuscripts and Illustrations

    Authors must complete and submit the Checklist for Preparation of Manuscripts and Illustrations before publication.

    Please sign and send this form to:

    LANKESTERIANA, International Journal on Orchidology
    Jardín Botánico Lankester, Universidad de Costa Rica
    P.O. 302-7050, Costa Rica
  • The corresponding author provides the email address and the Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID, of all authors

Author Guidelines

LANKESTERIANA is a peer-reviewed journal. Each manuscript will be critically evaluated by two or more external reviewers, under a double-blind model. An Editor in charge is assigned to each manuscript, who performs editorial tasks to improve the accordance of the manuscript to the general style of the journal, and follows the editorial process from the submission to the final decision, to ensure the quality of every publication. Please read carefully the following Instructions and check the appropriate items to be sure your manuscript is formatted according to the journal style. Manuscripts that do not conform to the Instructions, both in format and contents, will be sent back to the authors for formatting prior to the review process. This would represent a significant delay in the times required to eventually publish your manuscript.

Author instructions [PDF]


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