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This document collects a series of ethic norms and good behavior for the performance of our scientific journal. The people associated with LANKESTERIANA, involved in the different editorial and technical processes, subscribe the principles and practices to guide the labor of our Journal, these are listed below:


Open access principle: LANKESTERANA promotes the principle of make available the research for the public in a free way, it encourages a better interchange of global knowledge. Each LANKESTERIANA’S article is published under a license of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 Costa Rica.

Authorship principle: LANTESERIANA recognize and respect the intellectual production of the authors, applicants of manuscripts, also, is part of the respectful use of the published information and the citation.

Quality principle: LANKESTERIANA respect the value of the university periodic academic publication and the production in it, subscribing the principles of relevance, originality, coherence and justify the academic production and research.

Integrity principle: LANKESTERIANA recognizes and subscribe to the ethical principles of academic research and the publication of its results. The journal actively seeks to avoid bad habits in papers, that could be related in a partial or completely way with falsification or manipulation of results; misappropriation or the ignore the authorship credits.


Author´s responsibilities

The authors must to guarantee the following conditions in the manuscript sent to LANKESTERIANA:

  1. Declaration of the authorship or co-author: In case of co-authorship must indicated in the postulation letter that the co-author is aware and in agreement with the arrangements of the contribution remittance. The journal will be respectful with the order of appearance of the author´s names in the final publishing.
  2. Originality letter and right of cession: All the authors in a contribution must sign and complete the letter of originality of rights of cession, which must have read and understood, and subscribe in the moment of the postulation of the article. This one must be sent signed, is addition with the postulation of your contribution to the Journal´s email (
  3. Norms about the format and style established by the journal: All the contributions must strictly keep the format established by the Journal and do all the citations in a systematic way throughout the document must be in accordance with the APA Norms, sixth edition. Likewise, the format of the charts and figures or any other iconographic element must be in accordance with the journal´s style.
  4. Removal of articles: An author can remove the article postulated, if the person formally exposes the reasons in a letter directed to the publishers of LANKESTERIANA, sent to The journal will issue a formal document as an answer, remove the signed documents about right of cession, also the digital and physical file that collects the document.
  5. Results and opinions: All the authors are responsible of each result and opinion generated by the postulated texts. They understood and accept that the journal does not always share those results and opinions.
  6. Simultaneous application in other journals, fraudulence or duplicate post: LANKESTERIANA doesn´t accept   the publication of preprints parallel to the postulation of the manuscripts in the Journal.  All the contributions postulated for the Journal must be without any breaches of ethics. If it is checked that some author hasn´t respect this norm, the committee must unsubscribe the article by the condition refused, doesn´t matter when it occurs during the editorial process. If the document is already published, the editorial committee must remove the digital file of the site and will procure to include an agreement about this detection in the next physical issue.

Publisher´s responsibilities:

The publishers of content, as members of the academy, must commit with the following agreements:

  1. High quality content: During all the process, we will guarantee high quality content and everything related with the editorial, always considering all the possible actions every time for the high quality of the journal. To get that, each manuscript is assigned to a publisher, who is responsible during all the process, also is who takes the final decision about if the contribution will be publishing, based in the reviews and the work quality of the outer pairs.
  2. Confidentiality: All the personal information of each person who is involved in the process is sheltered by the journal. Only will be published the personal information authorized by the person.
  3. Arbitration process: The journal uses the peer review process. Always shelter the identity of authors and reviewers, according with the stipulated agreements, to guarantee an objective judgement process. The reviewers will be selected according principles of suitability and expertise in relation to the content of each manuscript.
  4. Results: All the results obtained during the arbitration process will be announced by an official way in a dictum of the publisher´s committee and the journal`s director/editor. All the observations made by the reviewers and also general observations will be release to the author. The results obtained during the process will be respected, if there is any doubt, it will be required another review done by a third pair of reviewers. If is detected any case of plagiarism after the review, the journal´s director/editor must have to proceed immediately according with the process established by the Journal for these cases.
  5. Effective programing: LANKESTERIANA procures to realize the process of publishing and publication according with the effectiveness and efficiency. Through Early View, LANKESTERIANA undertakes to reduce considerably the required times to the effective publication of the scientific articles reviewed by pairs, in benefit of the authors and the lectors of the journal.


The reviewers, as external pairs, play an important role and fundamental in the scientific publication, because they make sure of keeping the quality criteria in the contents and objectivity in the selection and publication, during the publishing process. That’s why ascribe the following responsibilities:

  1. Reviewers and arbitration role: Everyone who does a volunteer, solidary and professional review, according with the forms using in science, accept evaluate manuscripts about topics in which the person is able to make a judgement. This review and the final report always follow the norms established by the journal about respect between colleagues.
  2. Interest conflict: In case of an interest conflict, of any nature, the reviewers are committing to report immediately the Jornal about this, during the process.
  3. Confidentiality: The must have to be respectful about the content of the articles during the arbitration process, and keep confidentiality during all the publishing process and all the content which is reviewed.
  4. Feedback: The critiques to the manuscript will done in an objective, honest and respectful way to the author. The author can do the necessary fixes, according with the requirements of the journal. If the author doesn´t accept the arbitration, the article will be removed.
  5. Arbitration modality: Authors and reviewers keep the peer review process.


The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA procures to keep the academic profile of the journal in its area of reflection, according with the objectives and the corresponding audience. For the above, we assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Competence: The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA is responsible for promoting actions to improve the amount, quality, diffusion and scientific impact of the articles that will be published in the Journal. Also, is responsible for keep the establishment and maintenance the scientific identity in the Journal.
  2. Academic seriousness: The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA guarantee the strictly treatment of the manuscripts in academic terms. So, the review and acceptance are made in terms in intellectual merit, never for favoring any author.
  3. Disclosure and dissemination commitment: The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA keep a commitment for disclosure and dissemination of knowledge, and recognized in the Journal a relevant and prompt way to promote in the country and intentionally.
  4. Improvement commitment: The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA will search the way to improve all the publishing process. Also, it will be vigilant to keep a scientific profile in the journal, according with the topics of this.
  5. Commitment with the editorial seal of Universidad de Costa Rica: The editorial board of LANKESTERIANA recognized the DIEDIN at Vice rectory of Research of Universidad de Costa Rica, as the highest entity qualified in publications with editorial seal, according with the university normative. So, the journal obeys the decrees emit by this entity about editorial themes. As long as it recognizes that the journal represents Universidad de Costa Rica and is an editorial product in this publishing house.