Two new species, Pabstiella calimanii and Pabstiella recurviloba, are described and illustrated. One new combination, Pabstiella deltoglossa, is proposed. Eight species and one variety are proposed as synonyms. They are listed in alphabetical order: Pabstiella avenacea, P. leucosepala and Pleurothallis mathildae as synonyms of Pabstiella elegantula; Pabstiella cipoensis as a synonym of P. pristeoglossa; Pleurothallis magnicalcarata and Pabstiella mentigera as synonyms of P. calcarata; Pabstiella pterophora and Pleurothallis pterophora var. minor as synonyms of Pabstiella leucopyramis, and Pabstiella podoglossa as a synonym of P. versicolor. Lectotypes are selected for four species: Pleurothallis avenacea, P. mentigera, P. pristeoglossa and P. pterophora. An epitype is selected for Pleurothallis pristeoglossa. Illustrations and taxonomic discussions are also provided.

Palabras clave: Brazilian Atlantic forest, synonyms, typifications