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Violent deaths and their geographical inequities in Costa Rica
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social heterogeneity
exogenous mortality
health conditions
human geography
mortality determinants
heterogeneidad social
mortalidad exógena
condiciones de salud
geografía humana
determinantes de la mortalidad

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Chamizo García, H. A. (2013). Violent deaths and their geographical inequities in Costa Rica. Población Y Salud En Mesoamérica, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.15517/psm.v11i1.10531


This is an exploratory ecological study on violent deaths in Costa Rica, their geographical inequities and social determinants. Proportional mortality associated with violent deaths (traffic accidents, other accidents, suicides and homicides) was estimated focusing on age groups and it was represented cartographically. Standardized risk of death was mapped; the spatial pattern of this indicator was found to be correlated with the human development index. The 15-34 age group is the most affected by violent deaths, at those ages nearly one out of two deaths is due to violent causes. Geographical areas with the highest risk of dying due to violent causes are located in border and coastal areas and tend to have lower life expectancy. To the extent that the human development index decreases, the risk of dying from violence increases.
PDF (Español (España))



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