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Scientific articles

Life Expectancy between 1991-2011: Epidemiological Reason for the Gender Inequalities in the Province of Tarragona (Catalonia-Spain)

Margarita Gonzalvo-Cirac, Montserrat Girabent Farrés, María Victoria Roqué Sánchez


Application of the Community Readiness Model for diagnosis of the state of preparation of an urban community on the issue of childhood obesity prevention

Diana Alcócer Alfaro, Karolina Sánchez Alán, Marcela Soto Prats, Xinia Fernández Rojas, Marianela Zúñiga Escobar


Book reviews

Technical reports

Violent deaths and their geographical inequities in Costa Rica

Horacio Alejandro Chamizo García


Historical Document

Birthspacing and fertility decline in Costa Rica

Víctor Gómez