Objective: To design and validate a Graphic Representation (RG) of mexican food guide, as an alternative to "Healthy eating plate" (PBC). Methods: The new RG was designed considering: the revision of international RG; the analysis, at the international level and in Mexico, of the epidemiological status and nutritional recommendations; the identification of the aspects to improve the PBC. Validation in two phases: 1) Content analysis on the evaluation of the messages transmitted by the Full Health Guide (GSI) among 19 university students and 41 outpatients. 2) Comparison of the perception of messages transmitted between GSI and  in 28 parents of elementary school students. Results: An RG denominated , was generated; included four groups within the circle: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. In addition, it incorporated healthy fats, natural water, physical activity and share time with family. Validation shows that 59.3% (phase 1), and 60% (phase 2), identifies GSI as healthy food; 25.4% (phase 1) and 40% (phase 2) perceived that the GSI included healthy lifestyles, data independent of population type. The GSI obtained data similar to the PBC, and even more favorable, in the inclusion of fruits, fats and natural water when elaborating an example menu. Conclusion: GSI can be used as an alternative RG to facilitate the educational process, adoption of healthy eating habits, and lifestyle. It can be used, by health professionals, to positively influence the population.