The objective of this research was to determine the prevalence of depression in men and women older than 60 to 103 years in Mexico from the results of the National Survey of Health and Aging. The methodology used was a type of test expo facto, non-experimental, transactional, correlational, in which, through a binomial logistic regression model, the prevalence of depression was determined in the 5275 people of an age range of 60 to 103 years. of age Among the main results, it was found that there is a prevalence of depression in people over 74.3% (1734 older men and 2186 women). In addition, it was evidenced that variables such as age, schooling, marital status, level of somatization, occupation and social activities are statistically associated with the onset of depression in older people. The study concludes that the personal, structural, economic, social and health risk factors analyzed in this study act differently when talking about men and women.

Keywords: older people, men, women, depression, risk factors, México