A new and extraordinary cyrtochilum (orchidaceae: oncidiinae) from Colombia

  • Giovanny Giraldo Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison WI 53706-1381, U.S.A.
  • Stig Dalström 2304 Ringling Boulevard, unit 119, Sarasota FL 34237, U.S.A. Lankester Botanical Garden, University of Costa Rica, Cartago, Costa Rica and National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, Bhutan
Keywords: cyrtochilum, colombia, oncidiinae, new species, taxonomy


A new species of Cyrtochilum from Antioquia, Colombia, is described and illustrated, and compared with the similar Ecuadorian C. cryptocopis and C. trifurcatum, but differs in having a different ventral structure and much narrower wings of the column, and also by the much broader frontlobe of the lip.
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Giraldo, G., & Dalström, S. (1). A new and extraordinary <i>cyrtochilum</i&gt; (orchidaceae: oncidiinae) from Colombia. Lankesteriana: International Journal on Orchidology, 12(3). https://doi.org/10.15517/lank.v0i0.11685