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Población y Salud en Mesoamérica is an academic electronic journal, published biannually by the Centro Centroamericano de Población and whose publisher is the University of Costa Rica. The main objective of this publication is the dissemination of research on population from demographic perspective, and public health. This journal is registered and indexed in important international indexes. E-mail:


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Beginning of Biological Dosimetry in Costa Rica and its importance in the care of populations overexposed to ionizing radiation

Valle Bourrouet L., Ortiz Morales F., García Lima O., González Mesa J., Chaves Campos A., Rodríguez González M., Abarca Ramírez M.

Helicobacter pylori infection and serum pepsinogen concentrations in an elderly population representative of Costa Rica

Une C., Malespín Bendaña W., Ramírez-Mayorga V., Rosero Bixby L., Sierra Ramos R.


Montero López M.

Bioavailability of phosphorus in food and its effect in chronic kidney disease

Martínez Hernández E., De La Luz Maya R., Ramírez Robledo M., Núñez-Murillo G., Orozco González C.

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