The elusive Sobralia amabilis (Orchidacae): a range extension of its distribution to Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, with notes on its habitat

Rafael Grajeda–Estrada, Juan Pablo Rustrián–López, Mayra L. Maldonado, María Renée Álvarez–Ruano, Margaret A. Dix

1–6 |

Epidendrum curimarcense (Orchidaceae), a new species from Central Peru

Wendy Carolay Navarro Romo, Harold Rusbelth Quispe-Melgar, Eric Hágsater

7–13 |


Stig Dalström, Delsy Trujillo

15–19 |

New combinations in Cyrtochilum (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae)

Stig Dalström

21–29 |

New records of Bulbophyllum in the Flora of Vietnam

Vuong Ba Truong, Tam Quang Truong, Van Son Dang, Ty Minh Nguyen, Jaap Jan Vermeulen

31–36 |

Endophytic fungi associated with roots of epiphytic orchids in two Andean forests in Southern Ecuador and their role in germination

Jazmin M. Salazar, Marisol Pomavilla, Anne T. Pollard, Eduardo J. Chica, Denisse F. Peña

37–47 |

The genus Corybas in Vietnam, with two new records

Vuong Ba Truong, Van Canh Nguyen, Paul Ormerod, Quang Cuong Truong, Van Tan Chu, Pankaj Kumar

49–55 |

The orchids of John Henry Lance (1793–1878)

Carlos Ossenbach

57–78 |

The endangered Daffodil Orchid Ipsea speciosa (Orchidaceae): Population status in unprotected areas in the Central Highlands, Sri Lanka

J. Dananjaya Kottawa-Arachchi, M. G. S. Liyanage, H. K. B. M. I. Karunarathne, N. H. A. S. Abeyweera, B. Y. M. Kulasinghe, K. R. S. C. B. Kahawandala

79–90 |

The Chloraea from Lima, a little-known species but described several times

Delsy Trujillo, Diego Paredes-Burneo

91–106 |

Root endophytic fungi promote in vitro seed germination in Pleurothallis coriacardia (Orchidaceae)

Gabriela P. Maldonado, Luis A. Yarzábal, Juan M. Cevallos-Cevallos, Eduardo J. Chica, Denisse F. Peña

107–122 |